About the Author

Michael Ondaatje is the author of several collections of poetry and four novels as well as a memoir of his childhood, Running in the Family. His writing often explores the frangible boundaries between documentary and literary modes of representation, and the connections among history, memory and identity. His achievement as a poet and novelist has been recognized with many of the literary world's highest honors, including the Governor-General's Award, the Booker Prize, and the Prix Medicis. Born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1943, Ondaatje moved to London at age 11 and then to Canada in 1962. Now a Canadian citizen, he lives in Toronto with his wife, Linda Spalding, with whom he edits the literary magazine Brick.

Selected Works by Michael Ondaatje:
The Conversations: Walter Murch & the Art of Editing Film (2002)
Anil's Ghost (2000)
Handwriting (1999)
The Cinnamon Peeler: Selected Poems (1991)
In the Skin of a Lion (1987)
Secular Love (1984)
Running in the Family (1982)
There's a Trick with a Knife Iím Learning to Do: Poems, 1963-1978 (1978)
Coming Through Slaughter (1976)
Elimination Dance (1976)
Rat Jelly (1973)
The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (1970)
The Dainty Monsters (1967)

Edited by Michael Ondaatje:
From Ink Lake: Canadian Stories (1990-91)
Faber Book of Contemporary Canadian Stories (1990)
The Long Poem Anthology (1979)
Personal Fictions: Stories by Munro, Wiebe, Thomas, and Blaise (1977)
The Broken Ark: A Book of Beasts (1971)


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