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William Gibson's site, including Gibson's blog, reader discussion boards, and links to articles.

Dr. Joel Foreman, English Department, is researching virtual learning environments and game studies. His recent articles can be found here:

Next-Generation education Technology versus the Lecture
Video Game Studies and the Emerging Instructional Revolution
Game-Based Learning: How to Delight and Instruct in the 21st Century

Dr. Sean Luke, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the School of Information Technology and Engineering, is one of the Faculty Advisors for the GMU Applied Robotics Club.

He offers a page of comments and resources for Neuromancer and Artificial Intelligence studies.

Dr. Anne Marchant, an IT faculty member out at the Prince William Campus, will include Neuromancer in her Spring 2005 sections of IT 304: IT and the Global Economy. Students in IT 304 may opt to do a presentation based on Gibson’s Neuromancer and N. Stephenson’s Snow Crash, comparing these two books and their vision of the future. Students will also compare Gibson's and Stephenson's vision of a networked world to that of Manuel Castells, author of The Information Age: Economy, Society, and Culture.

Notes on Neuromancer and SF from Dr. Amelia Rutledge.

Arthur L. Schuhart is a Professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College and a Doctoral Candidate here at GMU. He teaches Science fiction, and his syllabus and resources will be linked here.

Dr. Lee Spector is Dean of the School of Cognitive Science and Professor of Computer Science at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. He teaches a class called Cognitive Science Fiction.

Teaching notes on Neuromancer from Dr. Dean Taciuch, English

Dr. Agatha Taormina teaches Science Fiction at Northern Virginia Community College, and she's created a science fiction guide, including key terms, history, and resources (including guides to Science Fiction in film and television):


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