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For Readers and Students

Resources for Readers and Students:

William Gibson's site, including Gibson's blog, reader discussion boards, and links to articles.

Dr. Joel Foreman, English Department, is researching virtual learning environments and game studies. He recommends these sites:

Education Arcade
Digital Games Research Association
Social Impact Games
The MOVES Institute
MediaX at Stanford University
Game Studies
Independent Game Developers Association

Dr. Sean Luke, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the School of Information Technology and Engineering, is one of the Faculty Advisors for the GMU Applied Robotics Club.

Kirby Malone from Art and Visual Technology, regularly teaches Neuromancer in AVT 377: Cyberpunk (PDF file)

He's also one of the founders of Cyburbia Productions, a multimedia performance studio.

Arthur L. Schuhart is a Professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College and a Doctoral Candidate here at GMU. He teaches Science fiction, and he's provided us with a great list of links for exploration:
The Science Fiction Research Association
Science Fiction Studies
The Center for the Study of Science Fiction
SF and Fantasy Research database
Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction
Science Fiction Collection Homepage
Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase
     (see the link to the Cushing database)
Innovative Technologies from Science Fiction
Project Cyberpunk
The Science Fiction Archive
The New York Review of SF
Washington SF Association
The Ultimate Science Fiction Guide
Locus Online
Sci Fi.com

Dr. Agatha Taormina teaches Science Fiction at Northern Virginia Community College, and she's created a science fiction guide, including key terms, history, and resources (including guides to Science Fiction in film and television).

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